I first saw Card-io stamps used on christmas cards about 2 years ago and immediately fell for the simple, uncluttered style of Wendy Gage who designs these lovely stamps.  In a crafting world which demands you buy and store (and possibly even use) a never ending list of products, Card-io stands out in it's use of no-nonsense supplies delivering beautiful, classy results.  

For example, I'm sure many of us crafters have bought special sponges on a stick to blend ink onto card.  Wendy recommends a dry baby wipe and it works like a charm, creating gentle hills, twilight skies and snow scenes.  

In the link to the You Tube video at the end of this post, I'll show you just how to do that.

The supplies I used to make this card are below.  A note on inks - I have been using Distress Inks almost exclusively for years and although they are great, they are very wet inks.  Archival inks are drier and after some experiencing, I believe are better suited to this type of stamping.  You will also want to use an ordinary matte type of card to absorb the ink.

The stamps I used included...

What I really love is that these stamps are from different sets but as you'll see in the video, they all work together.  One of the reasons I posted this is because I found a couple of videos on You Tube showing Wendy demonstrating at craft fairs but there's not much around and not everyone has access to hochanda, where Card-io appear quite rarely.  There are some great cards on Pinterest but they only show the finished work, not the techniques used.  So I hope this inspires you to have a go and check out the gallery on Card-io's website.