Journal Prompts - FREE Download

I hope these 30 prompts will inspire you to consider new ways you can use your journals.  It  gives you over 30 reasons to make yourself more journals too!  If you are making and giving a journal to a friend who may not be familiar with them, including this page of prompts will help them get started!  My videos detailing how I use my memory journals are all on my You Tube channel.

A journal can be used as a diary, as a planner or the way I use them most - as a memory journal.  Over the past 20+ years I have developed from scrapbooking through home made ring bound books to now, mostly single signature journals.  I never use my journals consecutively, I prefer to work to a theme so I tuck memories (photos, receipts, tickets) throughout my books.  When I return to a journal after a period of time, it's a lovely surprise to re-discover those little momentos in pockets or envelopes. 

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