Autumn and winter are times when you want welcoming lights in your home to cheer you when the nights are long and the days are short.So I've been making cardboard lanterns to chase away  the gloom.  Above is a snowy version but by using black card, embossing it and using gilding waxes to just highlight the raised areas, you can get some pretty cool metallic effects.  Pop a battery tea light inside and you can make the lanterns dance in the darkness.  The lantern below was inspired by the crisp, fallen leaves when autumn shifted into winter.

And in this lantern I embossed the lantern itself to look like hammered metal.  That stag's head has become a bit of a motif recently.  I'm using it on loads of projects!You can add extra elements to the lantern itself as above.  The window is made from parchment paper cut to size and glued on the inside. In the video below I show you how to make a snowy scene lantern with some pictures showing other ways you could decorate them.

Enjoy and if you learn something new or get some ideas, please give the video a thumbs up on my You Tube channel.  :)