I’ll fess up to losing hours of my life watching You Tube videos.  My porn of preference is the ’10 Cards from…” type of thing where a set of stamps or a card kit are used to make 10 different cards.  But soon I felt like I was standing on the sidelines when I wanted to be on the pitch so recently, I’ve signed up for a couple of monthly craft kits.  One from American company Simon Says Stamp and the other from UK based Craftwork cards called Julie Loves Each month, you receive a kit of matching papers, die cuts and other goodies. Craftwork cards offer matching stamps for an additional cost.

It took me ages to decide if this was a sensible thing to do, why?  Well I’m used to choosing my own papers, stamps and stuff such as the My Favourite Things stamps used to make the cards in the video above because I know what I like.  But I was ready to be taken out of my creative comfort zone and a different kit each month would challenge me because it will contain things I wouldn’t normally buy. 

It was certainly true for my first SSS kit full of yellows, pinks and bikini die cuts which screamed summer, arriving a few days before my Julie Loves kit (All Wrapped Up) focussed on winter and using contemporary pink and teal colours.   I tend to make my own backgrounds so with both kits I had to really think about how to use a myriad of patterned and plain papers.  Some I loved.  Some I loved less.  (The results are in the video below.)

I filmed my makes and added them to my you tube channel.  With the SSS kit, I deliberately resisted looking at any of the other “10 cards” uploads for that month.  There are many wonderful, inspirational crafters out there and I didn’t want to feel intimidated by their talent or absorb their designs or ideas, it was just going to be me v The Kit.  It took a week to complete my first 10 SSS cards with a few rejects along the way.  There was also the unexpected joy of falling asleep each night dreaming of acetate and waking up each morning with a new effortless idea which my paper addled brain must have been working on all night!  By the end I was kicking against my self imposed no-looking rule.  I really wanted to see what everyone else had made.  Had anyone used the wacky sun glasses paper?  What was the highest number of bikinis anyone had managed to squeeze onto one card??

Filming, uploading, editing and adding voice over, captions and music took a further week (I have a real job too) before I was ready to release my efforts.  And with that done, I was free to pootle round the internet and ooh and ahhh at all the other lovely cards.  It felt good to be part of a creative community presented with the same raw materials and see how differently we had made use of them.  I was keen to get started on my Julie Loves kit.

The change from the vibrant, sun-blessed colours of the SSS kit to the soft, cool blues, teals and pinks of the winter themed kit came as a relief. This time I was more relaxed about having a peek at any other “10 Cards” videos but I couldn’t find any.  The Julie Loves kits launched early 2017, so I went on a hunt for other UK kit makes on you tube.  Not a one.  I’m happy to be corrected on this but it looked as if all the 10 card videos online were generated by American bloggers using American kits.

There’s nothing wrong with that.  There are some great kits from companies like Hero Arts, My Favourite Things etc each offering something slightly different but the postage can be quite high, plus the slower delivery as your parcel crosses an ocean and the possibility of customs charges on arrival.  I’m treating my SSS kit as an experiment…

But clearly this imbalance in UK kits and UK kit bloggers needs to be addressed.  So in support of the only UK papercrafting/card making kit I am aware of, I shall post monthly ’10 cards’ videos from my Julie Loves kit and hope others will join me in promoting our home grown kits through the creative challenge of ummm….well….making and sharing 10 cards from our kits.  As always, enjoy :)