Have you heard of Kraft Tex?  No me neither until recently.  It's a paper based material which reacts like leather.  Apparently those tags on the back of jeans are made from it.  You can paint, punch, emboss, stamp, iron, stitch, wash and crumple it.  It's just what I've been looking for to create notebooks of a size and shape I want without having to buy a notebook and then alter it.  I bought mine from Amazon and the size is 19" wide by 1.5 yards long so plenty to play with.  And yes, you can cut it with the Brother Scan and Cut.  I used a standard blade set at 12, speed 5 and pressure of 1.  There are sooooo many possibilities and I started with a shabby chic style notebook.

It started as an A5 piece.  I folded the right hand edge in 1 1/4 inches to make a seal over the main cover.  You'll see in the video below how I made the fastening and attached the lace on the front cover.  By the way, the video is badged up as www.atticlane.com.  That's because after 2 months of frustration trying to move the domain to a new host, the transfer has gone ahead and soon I'll be launching the new website!  There are a few more tweaks to make but hopefully in the next month it will go live!!