I couldn't put this video on before today because it is the Valentine's Day Card for Mr Attic.  But the idea is suitable for birthdays too and any other shapes you can turn into 3d - like balloons perhaps?  The only thing to bear in mind is that if you crete a very deep card, you will need a deep envelope box to put it in.  In the video I used a Brother Scan and Cut to cut and perforate one but didn't go into detail about that because the focus is on layering up the heart.  If you need to make a deep box, there are a number of tutorials online to help.

I find crafting has it's own seasonality.  Autumn and Christmas is focussed on card and paper crafts.  Making your own christmas cards should be relaxing and enjoyable, not a frantic rush to meet postage deadlines.  So I start in September as the season shifts into shorter, cooler days and fiddle round with designs before batch making.  Then in the new year my antidote to all that paper (and usually inking and stamping too) is fibre.  I've been revisiting my needle felting and have some ideas for spring-bright lime and raspberry coloured quilts I want to make.  Recently I've had a mini craft room reorganisation (doesn't that always make you feel better?!) and have decided to use some of it up.  It's time to break out the stash of goodies.  It's time to get making and stop worrying about using the last of that perfect polka dot material and enjoy it.  It's easy to buy fabric and supplies with grand plans of what you'll do with it but imagine how cross you'd be if you fell under a bus before you'd used those gorgeous prints so carefully chosen!  My 2017 plan is to beat the bus, take my stockpile and turn it into useful, creative, special things.

Enjoy the video :)