In May 2017, Card-io brought out a new range of stamps and as soon as I saw the little tie on the "Mens Washing" collection I wanted to use it as a flower petal.

Watch the video to see how to make a flower using this stamps at to see how to achieve the two tone colour on each petal.  Word of warning - have your scissors ready, you need to cut out each element.  I will admit here I cheated and used my Brother Scan and Cut.  If you haven't heard of it, it's a full colour scanner and cutter-out-machine.  So if you scan in an image you can set it to cut exactly on the outside edge or add a border.  I added a 1 mm border to give the effect I wanted.  In the picture below you can see both the two tone inked up leaves and the small border.  Use a pale ink to colour up the whole leaf then dab a darker ink round the outside edge.  The trick is to avoid having sharp finish lines between the colours.  The dark should appear to blend into the pale centre.  I rejected quite a few before I was happy with them.

The leaves were made using the Blown Away set and this is a really useful collection.  The mix of large and small leaves is great and there are two skeleton type leaves, perfect for autumn.  The two beech (I think) leaves were used to create the muted picture frame.  The photo below doesn't do them justice but I hope the one above does!

The third stamp set I used was Up, Up and Away.  I love the balloons in the different sizes.  You can fill a sky scene with balloons disappearing into the distance.  And this set also includes clouds.  Clouds are difficult to do and I've tried various methods.  Using a stamp inked up with Versa Colour Chateau Grey is the easiest!

Using Card-io techniques in the video below, I'll show you how to create not only a great background but a beautiful, seasonal 3D frame.  I've deliberately left a space for a chunky greeting either under the balloon or a single line above it.  You choose!  All the goodies used to create this card are listed within the video which I hope you will find easier to watch now I've reset my lighting and camera.  We've moved from easy-auto to scarey-manual folks!  Enjoy!