It's been a busy few weeks in the Attic which hasn't been all pleasant because of the heat in the roof space.  Even with a fan blowing full blast, I've had to make short but frequent trips to avoid some kind of heat stroke.  I've had to pause in embossing activities or anything requiring the use of a heat gun.  So I've been busily making 3 rather sweet junk journals with the title of "charming" because they each have so many charms included.  There is a video here if you would like the see the flip through.  

They will each be available for sale in my (NEW!) Etsy shop at 5pm Sat 21st July 2018.  The link to the shop is here but you won't see anything listed there until they go live.

I'm happy that I've now found a  balance between cards kits and free style crafting.  Sharing journals is a huge pleasure.  There's a warm, generous community online, on Facebook and instagram and pinterest all merrily sharing tips and posting happy mail to each other around the globe.