This is my second card kit from Simon Says Stamp and between you and me, it was a tricky one.  I’d seen the reveal before the kit was sent so I knew it was going to push me creatively but when it arrived I did spend some time scratching my head!  The whole theme of the kit is geometric with lots of white space in the puffy stickers and paper designs.  I like white space, I don’t feel any need to fill every inch of a card but usually I feel more in control of that white space, with this kit I didn’t.  At first….

I played around with a few ideas and once I’d got into the geo-groove things started to come together.  Initially the cards I found worked best were those which followed a simple mat and layer process.  Then I found more uses for the sentiment stamps and I even began to like the embossing powder included in the kit!  I rarely use glittery embossing, I rarely use loose glitter!  It gets everywhere and I always worry I’ll miss a bit in my clean up and find irresponsible glitter on an inappropriate card.  This Wow embossing powder is super fine and it did fly about a bit BUT the effects on different colours was worth it.  I appeared silver on green card and gold on an orange base.  This made it much more fun that I would have expected.

The other things I found fun were the hearts, plus and equals stamps.  It’s not shown on the video but I did quite a bit of messing with them.  My favourite outcome is shown in Card 6 on the dark background card base.

I always try to use every part of a kit and every stamp in the set.  I also try not to add too many other ink pads, die cuts, etc.  For me the challenge is to focus purely on the set provided but I did stray a little from my own rules in Card 9 when I felt the need to kick back against all the angles and geometry.  

This kit was once of three waiting for me when I got home from a few days holiday in West Wales and luckily I had a few extra days of holiday at home to do housework work with this kit.  I’m back to the land of real work now but with two other kits waiting, I know what I’ll be doing with my spare time for the next couple of weeks.  I hope you enjoy the video, if you do please give a thumbs up and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss the next sets!