A couple of weeks ago Himself cut me some rectangles from MDF and drilled two holes in the top of most of them.  This was because I fancy a change from card and paper and want to make some hangings.  They make nice gifts (although possibly not one with skulls cemented into it.  Depends on your friends I suppose.) 

 There are more to follow but here's a seasonal one to spook you out.  It's a piece of board, some texture paste, some strips of fabric and plastic skulls.  Leave it to dry overnight and it will hold it's shape really firmly ready for painting the next day.  

There are any number of ways you can use this method and toy shops are full of little plastic toys you could embed in the base.  What about adding fairies and pink paint?  I may try that myself.  Don't have nightmares :) www.atticlane.com