The first thing that struck me about this stamp was the exuberance of the dancing skeleton!  It looked so energetic, I thought there should be two to enjoy the dance.  But how to isolate just that element from the stamp and turn one left facing skeleton into two facing each other?  The answer was some detailed inking of the skeleton part of the stamp using a distress marker.  You don't need to rush this or worry that the ink will dry.  Once you've inked, breathe onto the stamp before stamping onto card.  This reactivates the ink and allows you to get a crisp image.  Having isolated the skeleton, I scanned it into my printer and sent the scanned image to my PC.  There, I duplicated the image and flipped one of them so it faced right.  Then I printed it on white card and cut out both images using my Brother scan and cut.  Apart from the black, all the paints used are starlights by Imagination Crafts, a range I absolutely love.  

They have a really dense pigment saturated with mica fragments which give the most intense sparkle.  The video will show how the page was put together.  I hope you enjoy it and if you do please give a thumbs up :)