The lovely ladies at Paperarts do a card making class on the first Thursday of every month so no prizes for guessing how I spent my Thursday evening last week.  We were shown how to make a gorgeous card with a secret sliding section and since the night's are drawing in here in the UK and my thoughts are turning to seasonal baking and making, I thought I'd exploit this post to help me get ahead of my Christmas card making!  We're going to make a card with an insert which slides up to reveal a hidden message....

Assemble your papers and cardstock.  Choose your inks and stamps and have some sticky dots, glue and a hole punch standing by.

You're cutting out everything in inches:

A card 

Paper to cover half of the card 

3 sizes of white card which you'll stamp onto

3 mats to mount them on each 1/4 inch bigger than the white card  

You'll also need a circle.  The size doesn't matter too much.  

Cut your paper and card to the sizes shown below....

Now stamp as shown below.  Position your stamping on both white card sizes 3 x 5 and 2.5 x 2 towards the top because only the top will be visible once the card is complete.

Now you've assembled everything.  Glue the stamped pieces of card on their mats and take the long white 11 x 4 1/4 card and fold in half.

Now glue the 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 piece on the front half of your folded card.

Open the card out and mark out the sizes below on the inside face of the card with the piece you've just glued on underneath.  (You'll be cutting through two pieces of card.)

Cut out the two narrow pieces as shown in the picture above so that you end up with two slots shown below.  Then position your 5 1/4 x 3 1/4 stamped and matted card inside so  it's top is level with the open top of your folded card.  Cut or punch a semi circle in the top as shown.

Use double sided narrow tape to glue the extreme outside edges together.  Only glue the sides!

With your card glued and your stamped card inserted, place two sticky dots at the bottom of the two slots.

 Now cut your circle in half and place on top of the sticky dots... 

When you pull the inserted card up, it should take the semi circles up and get stopped at the top of the slot.  

 Now you can position your smallest stamped and matted card as below and glue to the semi circles. 

When you push the inserted card down, it will take the smallest card you've just stuck onto the semi circles with it.  Neat huh?  Next take your remaining stamped and matted card and put raised dots/foam shapes down the sides only.  Place this over the top of the smallest card on the front  and secure in place.  (See below if I haven't explained that very well!)

 It should look like this....

Add a little frou frou ribbon to the top (punch a hole or skewer with a pointy stick) and when you pull the ribbon the card reveals the hidden message.  Ta dah!!!