The company I work for is a big supporter of Macmillan Cancer Support and we all look forward to the annual Coffee Morning which gives us an excuse to eat more cake than is good for us!  This year however, we were talking about different things we could do apart from bake and eat.  As a result, some of my (male?) colleagues will be getting waxed in exchange for hard cash.  It's in a good cause.  That's what we've told them.

My contribution is a mouse.  I'm not entirely sure why and I'll bake something too but we're going to raffle the mouse and hopefully it will raise a smile too :)

The pattern for the mouse came from this rather wonderful book by Tone Finnanger.  I've made several things from it and they've all turned out well.  Now I'm almost at the stage of needing to hold my book together with sellotape it's so well used.

I wanted to let the recipient know this was handmade, therefore I needed a label and found an idea somewhere on the internet to use fray check for hemlines and decided to adapt it.  Print what you want onto photo fabric.  Allow it to dry then cut out.   

Gloop fray check around the edges and leave to dry.  

Fold your label in half and sew into a discreet area of your handmade item.  (In this case under the dress of the mouse.)  Ta dahhhh....