A few weeks ago I bought some Starlights paints from Inspiration Crafts which are beautiful and perfect for projects such as this.  They cover well and shimmer as the light catches them.  I no longer need to buy specialised base card, I can just paint what I need.  So for example in the video you'll see I punched the leaves around the flower from card stock painted with a white starlights paint.  It doesn't show so clearly in the pictures below but in real life those leaves really shine out.

These are two notebooks I was asked to create for a friend's two small daughters.  My brief was "make it pink and make it glittery!".  I like pink and in moderation I like glitter but I rarely put the two together.  But the brief set off an association of ideas and the picture I had in my head was a confusion of fairy tale princesses such as Sleeping Beauty and Snow White in a garden.  It all made sense when I started planning these books around the idea of flowers and faded roses.   I know my flowers don't look much like roses but I'm no gardener ;)  I also wanted a "clean" look so white was always going to play a strong role.

In this video I am working on the two books at the same time but I've edited so you see the process for only one book.  

In fact, these are not completely finished.  I will add some little personal details for the girls later and because I know these are for christmas gifts, will pop some little doo dads in the pocket at the end of the book.  It will balance the inside of the books...

Enjoy the video - and if you feel inspired, visit my You Tube Channel (Attic Lane) and give me a thumbs up.  :)