Himself has his birthday right in the middle of the August holiday season. Each year he insists we go to the beach for some surfing. It helps us stay young apparently. As does drinking the local beer. I'm happy with any excuse to get the tent out and we've found some really gorgeous camp sites right by the sea. You can step outside your tent in the morning straight onto the South West Coast Path. 

Which is what we did.

This area gives so many photo opportunities but none of the pics really capture the the place. You have to imagine the rolling sound of the ocean and the rushing of the water onto the beach accompanied all the time by a crazy, whistling wind which buffets you from every direction.

The beaches are pretty good for surfing and if one bay is quiet, try walking round the next curve of land to where the sea comes at you from a different direction. Chances are, it will provided some waves.

Considering this was high holiday season in Cornwall, there was plenty of room for everyone.

Here's another bay. Pretty isn't it?

Each Wednesday evening at about 6pm, the local RNLI practise launching their rescue boat from the building on stilts in the middle of the picture below. We'd seen it in previous years and weren't around this time to see it again but if you get the chance it's worth watching and appreciating the work of these volunteers. We've seen a couple of sea rescues and been grateful firstly that it wasn't us and secondly that if we ever did need it, there is a service there at all. 

Since Himself is going to have yet another birthday next August, we've booked up early and will return to this lovely part of the world. See you next year, Padstow.